Michelle Talsma Everson

Helping Michelle to create her site was fun. She'd never really given much thought to having a website to showcase her professional writing.

She wanted a simple, clean site that wasn't fussy or difficult to see on a smartphone.

Monthly updates and regular maintenance keep her site active and relevant.

Threat Mitigation - Risk Control Group, PLLC

Working with Darryl was a bit of a challenge. He had already paid someone to create a site for him. Unfortunately, that site never went live.

Darryl and I worked together to create a brand new professional site. He wanted a site that was responsive, modern, and, most importantly, live!


The Gourmet Grater

Christopher has a fantastic product. He pitches the product at home shows all over the USA. Unfortunately, not all of his clients are in a position to buy in-person. He needed an e-commerce solution that would allow his customers to purchase after a show.

He and I worked together to create the site he needed most using OpenCart. I created a custom logo and added an SSL certificate. His site integrated seamlessly with his PayPal pro account.